Important Safety Measures

From Owner, Shawn W. Combs, P.E

Dynamic Hose Solutions, Inc. was incubated in the high-performance industries of MINING, DRILLING, and CONSTRUCTION.  While accumulating over thirty years’ experience in these fields, Mr. Combs witnessed a heightened awareness to the needs of safe work practices on the job.  One particular area of concern was always the lurking danger of a high-pressure failure.

Many workers are unaware of the danger associated with high pressure hose failures.  Workers may receive burns from hot oil, they may receive lacerations and poisoning from a hydraulic injection or they could be hit by flying shrapnel from exploding fittings and lines.  Yet workers are surrounded by pressure systems daily in their factories, mines and construction sites.

Dynamic Hose Solutions, Inc. believes safety equals production.  Our intent is to perform our duties, whether in our shop or on your job, in accordance with approved OSHA guidelines.  We understand that returning safely from work to our family is what’s riding on our hose assemblies.

Tips for Maintaining A Safe Work Environment


Identify High Hazard Hose Areas of Your Workplace

Canvas your workplace periodically for equipment and transfer lines which are under high pressure or transporting hazardous substances.  Make others aware of these areas and limit exposure to these areas.


Frequent Hose Inspection

Hoses are not designed to leak. However, over time through natural wear and tear, deterioration can effect hose and its fittings. Hoses, which showcase signs of leaking and deterioration, should be replaced BEFORE a hose failure occurs. Let Dynamic Hose Solutions, Inc. perform a FREE equipment inspection at your job.


The Importance of Pressure Safety

Schedule routine TOOLBOX discussions on pressure line safety.  Show workers how to identify potential dangers and educate them to understand how a pressure system is still pressurized even after the system has been de-energized.  Make sure they’re aware of the importance of keeping eyes, hands and feet free and clear of dangers from pressure failures.  Dynamic Hose Solutions, Inc. would be glad to lead the first TOOLBOX talk with your employees.  Call today to take advantage of this FREE service!